Advanced Social Media Marketing

This course teaches the advanced terminology that helps businesses and individuals grow successively and reach to the relevant audience for their brands through social media marketing.

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Course overview

Social Media Marketing Course

This Advanced Social Media Marketing course in Pakistan will inspire you to cultivate your business or personal brand by means of the highest social media strategies. We will deliver you with a great social media marketing policy to encourage your business on social platforms. We will syndicate SEO and social media for better outcomes.

The students will learn beginner to advanced-level marketing approaches. You will learn how to identify customers so you can place yourself as a believed frontrunner relatively than leaping in with early and frequently unsuitable results. This will apply a realistic method by spending digital tools, client data, and social media analytics. This online Advanced Social Media Marketing course in Shahkot will teach students ways and means that result in advanced marketing programs.

What is Advanced Social Media Marketing?

This is for executives, planners, and frontrunners who want to increase an inclusive indulgence of how to shape and measure social media in a multifaceted organization.

Purpose of Social Marketing Course in Shahkot:

The purpose of this best Advanced Social Media Marketing course in Shahkot is to provide an understanding of how social media will be suitable for global marketing and how it will be cast off to generate results.

Features of Social Media Marketing Course:

Social media has now become the most commanding tool for promoting your corporate and brands. So at this time, we will discuss the features that we will acquire from end to end in this Advanced Social Media Marketing course Shahkot. It includes;

Audience persona:

It is about talking to detailed viewers with your social uprights. You need a spontaneous idea of how to object to your audience; you will need an audience identity.

Goals & Objectives:

The aims of social media are to give brand consciousness, grow website traffic flow, and produce leads; these things will extend your success in the future.


The budget will be subject to social aspects like ad promotions, paid campaigns, tool managing, meeting efforts, and analytics tools.


You will need to use the time to discover applicable blogs, memes, and further social content to share. You must also classify which types of content produce the best reply from your target audience.

These features will guarantee that you get enhanced at appealing to your target audience.

Advanced Social Media Marketing Analytics:

Social media is transforming marketing tactics, to new consumer observing tools and the global appearance of social marketing, over which companies and brands are involved with customers. It includes;

• Technology has altered the methods of communication over which organizations involve customers.

• The storing and scrutiny of consumer data are accessible, generating occasions for social analytics.

• New checking tools have raised detailed and modified customer connection managing practices.

• The upsurge of mobile phones and tablets has permitted site-centered messaging and joint communication.

• The ubiquity of video content has broadcast an amusing, instinctive advertising program.

• The global substitute of social networking has allowed system-based analytical demonstration and new procedures of targeting and transfer approaches based on the first choice of consumer peers.

• Social media platforms have got all of this to the community phase with facts, discussions driving brand awareness and brand faithfulness, and consumer-made content on evaluation and evaluation places creating or flouting requests for products and services.

Why Choose BITS Trainings:

BITS Training is one of the best IT training institutes in Pakistan. They provide training that is best for students' information and suitable for their future careers. This online Advanced Social Media Marketing Course in Shahkot and Karachi is based on existing marketing policies, and students will learn about which social platforms benefit businesses and how they work.

We provide instruction through our highly qualified and experienced instructors. They not only teach the course but also show them a path to a career that will help them advance and promote. So join this Advanced Social Media Marketing course in Karachi, Shahkot, and Islamabad to raise your knowledge of social marketing.

We provide;

• Unique methods of learning 

• Project analysis         

• Certification as an Award


Do you provide online training for Social Media Marketing?

Yes, we provide online training for this best Advanced Social Media Marketing course to those students who are unable to attend physical classes.

Do you provide an online registration facility?

Yes, we provide an online registration form facility, and students can deposit their fees via cash or bank transfer.

Is advanced social media marketing a good career?

Through this Advanced Social Media Marketing course, students will get into ventures, and their probabilities in the market will be high.

Is this course worth learning for each individual?

Yes, this makes it easier and more convenient to access information and communicate via social media with your target audience.

Does the Social Media Marketing course have scope?

Yes, because every business needs a social expert who can manage its online presence, this course benefits each individual who pursues it.

BITS Trainings is always intense to deliver the best courses and training to its students through its best IT training institute in Pakistan.

What will i learn?

  • Internships + Jobs
  • Basic Knowledge about computer
Curriculum for this course
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Frequently asked question

This best Advanced Social Media Marketing 2.0 course highlights how it turns into a person's complete marketing strategy. • Students who want to establish an effective social media strategy can join this course. • Students who want to run their clients' businesses or their own brands successfully with social media 2.0 can join us. • Students who are in or out of Lahore can join us through online and physical classes.
At the end of the Advance Social Media Marketing 2.0 course, you would be able to: • Clarify the major social tools, skills, and tendencies. • Make a quantifiable profit on investment. • Upsurge target audience consciousness, commitment, and adaptation rates. • Generate movements with viewer targeting. • Grows trust with active influencers to increase leads. • Build messaging with transformative and storytelling techniques. • The further in detail we will discuss in future classes
CRM Integrations Ads Advanced Reporting and analysis • Facebook Funnel Strategies • Bot Management • Facebook Ai integration • Ad Testing Protocols • Scenario-based backlinks • Facebook Reels • Facebook Community and influential marketing Facebook Retargeting Strategies • Why Facebook Groups? • Start a Facebook Group for Your Audience • Create Your Facebook Group • How to Grow Your Online Community • How to Create More Engagement in Your Community • 3 Quick Tips for Increasing Engagement • Best Types of Posts to Share in Your Group • Make Consistent Posting Easier • Content Tools & Apps I Love to Create and Automate Posts • Make Your Posts Count More and Increase Engagement • Use Analytics to Grow Your Community • What is Facebook Retargeting and Why it is Important for you • Creating a Facebook Pixel • Installing the Pixel in WordPress • Installing the Pixel on other websites (non-WordPress) • Installing the Facebook Pixel on your Website. • Testing the Facebook Pixel • Creating an Audience of everyone that visited your website • Creating an Audience of people that cited specific pages • Creating your Optimized Facebook Ad with the Pixel • Facebook for Local Business • How Facebook Ads Can Help your Local Business Grow • This is the Plan for your Local Business • Reaching people around your business • Creating your Local Business Facebook Ad • Create a Facebook Ad for your Local Business Sales Funnel • What are sales funnel? • Create Maximum Leverage • Conversion Strategies • Variation in a call to action • Create a sales create • Platform Level CRM Integration • Frequently Asked Questions • Converting Leads into Sales • Short Video Creation • Content Marketing Strategies • Content Plan • YouTube shorts editing Tiktok & SnackVideo Branding • Tiktok Business Suite • Permissions management & Automation • Tiktok Ad account • Advertising Catalogue • Tiktok & Snack Video Monetization • Trend Management Strategies • Business Creative hub • Competitive Advantage & Research • Tiktok Shorts Snapchat Marketing • Snapchat Marketing Campaigns • Snapchat Marketing Strategies • Snapchat Sponsorship • Policy & Guidelines • What is Snapchat Business Account • Basic to beginner-level marketing tips • Snapcode & Username Promotion • Snapchat Content Calendar OLX Marketing • Account Creation • Policy Violation • Product Research • Remarketing • Inquiry Handling • Conversion Tactics Twitch & Social Media Livestream Podcasting • Future of Livestream • All Livestream Platforms including Twitch • Post Dated Live Stream strategies • Fb and Instagram Livestream • OBS Studio • Believe streaming software • Let’s do a live-stream class test • Why Podcasting? • Recommended Tools for Podcasting • Recommended Platforms to Share a Podcast • Coming Up with Your Podcast Idea • Tips for Recording Your Podcast • Tips for Editing Your Podcast • Publishing Your Podcast with Libsyn • Publishing Your Podcast with Anchor • Case Study: Different Styles of Podcasts Voice Note Marketing • The trend of Voice Notes • Content Plan • Content Management • Competitive Analysis • Voice-over strategies • Voice-over marketing QUORA • Why Quora? • Find the Right Questions, and Optimize Your Answer • Quora Affiliate Marketing Application Search Engine Optimization - ASO • What is portfolio branding? • Brand Strategy • Brand Competitive analysis • Key selling points • Taglines, Audience & Goals • Milestone management • Subbrands and sponsorships • play store and apple store Requirements • How to promote your app on international platforms • Application development protocols • Copyrights • Drop servicing & Leadership Skills • What is Drop servicing? • How to manage human resource • Platform Selection • Service Selection • Third-party service-based platforms • Profit calculation Earn Through Content Marketing & Copywriting • Copywriting Basics • Case Study: A Sales Page That Works • 9 Commandments of Copywriting • Write Better Headlines • Write Quality Articles • Improve Your Website's SEO • Tips for Better Email Copy • How to Make People Open Your Emails • Qualities of an Effective Promotional Email • Examples of High-Quality Emails • Email Copywriting Case Study • Tips for Better Social Media Copy • Copywriting Tips - Similarities Across Platforms • Copywriting Tips - Differences Across Platforms • Social Media Best Practices • T.H.I.N.K. Before You Post • Social Media Copywriting Case Study • Supplemental Reading List Policy Violation and account reinstating • Formal Digital Communication Strategies • Platform policy guidelines • Fair Use Policy • Account Handling Reinstating • Service Providing • Cause & Effect theories • Plan of action Client Management Strategies • How to manage clients' global and local Types of Clients • What are the minutes of the meeting • How to Manage and optimize your work with clients • How to deal with tough clients • How to acquire new clients
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