Certified ECommerce Marketing Specialist

In this course, we talk about planning, building, and running a Certified E-Commerce Marketing Specialist in Pakistan; from conception to the business model.

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Course overview

E-Commerce Marketing Course

ECommerce is known as Electronic Commerce. Whenever you buy or sell goods or services using the internet, you are involved in eCommerce. It provides freedom to entrepreneurs by allowing them to work anywhere sitting at home or at the office. Many countries have a robust eCommerce job market but they lack skilled people, meanwhile, some industries call for years of education and experience or a long history in the field.

Working in e-commerce is vulnerable to individuals who attend eCommerce marketing Courses in Pakistan and put their sincere efforts and time to gain knowledge and skills within the area. ECommerce is the fastest-growing retail market. As per the forecast, e-commerce is going to hit $27 Trillion in Sales in 2020. Sales of the eCommerce market increased by 39.1% in 2018 as compared to the previous year.

IT Short Course Use an e-commerce marketing course in shahkot, and your company can achieve a range of goals, from building brand awareness to generating online sales to opening a brick-and-mortar business. Some examples of services that you can use to grow your business include:

• Search engine optimization (SEO)

• Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising

• Amazon SEO, PPC, and Amazon Stores launch

• Web design and development

• Social media marketing and advertising

• Email marketing

• And more!

Types of E-Commerce

There are three main types of e-commerce:

• business-to-business (websites such as Shopify)

• business-to-consumer (websites such as Amazon)

• consumer-to-consumer (websites such as eBay).

Examples Of  E-commerce

• Business-to-Business

Business-to-business, or b2b, refers to selling online from one business to another business or organization, in other words, wholesale.

• Business-to-Consumer

Nowadays, a lot of e-commerce is b2c, as it’s easy for businesses to target specific consumers online. Businesses are able to put their products online, allowing the consumer to purchase the products in the comfort of their own home, saving them some precious time. I like online shopping.

• Consumer-to-Consumer

Remember that shirt you bought? You didn’t have time to send it back to the retailer to return, so where did it end up?  At the back of your wardrobe, never to be worn by you. Why not sell it? Thanks to websites like eBay, Daraz, and OLX, the consumer is able to upload images of the product and sell it to others that may be interested in buying it.

An E-commerce business allows you to set up your business on an electronic network, rather than displaying your products in a physical store, a businessman showcases their products or services on a website he wants to sell on the internet and can easily earn money.

It is easy to start an e-commerce business because it doesn't require too much money and investment to start a company of any size. E-commerce business is a new trend in the market because all small or large companies are taking their business online and starting to sell their products and services now.

Features of E-Commerce Course in Multan

• Ubiquitous in nature

• Large customer reach

• Universal Standard

• Interactive platform

• Rich in content and information

• Information density

• Personalization

• Easy to use the checkout

• Reporting tool

• Integrated blog and articles sections

• Promotional and discount code tool

E-commerce Course in Pakistan

Online IT Short Courses  there are many institutes of BITS Trainings that are offering E-commerce marketing courses to help to get eCommerce knowledge and skills. Some of these are offering online classes, many providing a classroom environment for learning, some are free, while others are charging some amount and there’s a full range to provide everything from introductory lessons to professional-level experts.

BITS Trainings is one of the best institutes that offer Ecommerce marketing training in shahkot, Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Multan, Sialkot, Gujranwala, Gujrat, Sahiwal, Faisalabad, Azad Kashmir, and other major cities of Pakistan. By filling up the simple form and paying the fee online, you will be able to secure your seat for the session.

Benefits of E-Commerce Course in Pakistan

You can learn how to become a professional in the E-commerce field by attending an Ecommerce Course in Pakistan. This course provides you with additional skills such as marketing strategies and business management to productively operate an online business with an eCommerce store. A combination of skills like marketing, finance, strategy, accounting, analytics, and pricing is needed to be successful in E-commerce.

Digital marketing plays a vital role to attract an audience to an E-commerce site. It includes social media marketing, email marketing, search engine optimization, content marketing, google analytics, OLX ads, LinkedIn ads, affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, digital advertising, and many more. By learning and understanding these business essentials individuals can grow an online eCommerce business and earn a handsome amount from this business.

Other skills that can help to promote your eCommerce business include graphic designing and programming skills. A user-friendly website or application can surge the chances of a user purchasing from you. By learning computer programming you will be able to make changes in code directly to your website.

The ECommerce marketing course in shahkot will help you understand the echo system of selling through digital media platforms, whether you’re a small business owner, a marketing manager or coordinator, or an aspiring social media manager.

It aims to give you an in-depth understanding of e-commerce business activities which include, Account setup, store segmentation, audience engagement, product hunting, product sourcing, logistics management, time and resource management, product photography, product video animation, Search engine optimization techniques, product ranking, and review techniques, using other social media platforms for e-commerce business.

Other technical tools to measure your data as this is the primary skill required to get better insights into the data-driven market by the end of this course you will be able to provide complete virtual assistant services to multiple local and international clients, as well as you will be able to start your own business setup. This is a big stepping stone that will definitely be worth it and a living reminder experience for you as it will be the beginning of a new income stream.

BITS Trainings is going to introduce courses on other campuses of shahkot. These courses include the ECommerce marketing course. This is good news for those students who live in these areas of Shahkot.

They do not need to go to other places for short courses, IT courses, computer courses, etc. This is the best platform for all students who want to learn these types of courses. Our institute is the best institute in shahkot for short courses and IT computer short courses. We have hired a specialist instructor for these campuses. Students will learn both content and skills from our instructor.

What will i learn?

  • Internships + Jobs
  • Basic Knowledge about computer
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Frequently asked question

• This course is ideal for anyone who wishes to earn online and gain a greater understanding of e-commerce and the use of digital media for selling online, including small business owners who want to promote their business online, marketing managers, business development managers, coordinators, and assistants. • Those currently unemployed and looking for practical ways`1 to learn new skills and gain employment in the above fields and to provide their services as online virtual assistants, including university graduates and high school leavers.
• Market Research • E-commerce Marketing • Online Business Portal • Product Development • Brand Management • Audience Creation • E-Commerce SEO • Data Analysis • Free Lancing • Virtual Assistant Services • Validation Analyst • Virtual Assistant Services
AFFILIATE MARKETING • How does Affiliate Marketing Work? • Benefits of Affiliate Marketing • Skills required for Effective Affiliate marketing • Types of Audiences • Affiliate marketing cycle • Famous Affiliate Marketing Platforms • Types of Affiliates • How to Start Affiliate Marketing? • Benefits of Niche Identification • SEO for Affiliate Marketing • Marketing Strategies of Affiliate marketing • What is Amazon Affiliate Program? • How to utilize affiliate links • How to Become Amazon Affiliate • Amazon policies and guidelines for AM • Domain Name Selection • Site settings and themes • Content Marketing Strategies • Guest Posting • Article Writing Strategies •Language Suggestions • Outsourcing Strategies • Achievable Objectives • Selecting a profitable niche • Online Buying Process • Affiliate Products that convert well • Best Keywords for Affiliate Marketing • Ways to promote and share Affiliate Links • Pakistani Affiliate Platforms • International Affiliate Platforms • DCM Network • How to make your own affiliate platform • Youtube Affiliate program • Instagram Affiliate program • Facebook Affiliate program EMAIL MARKETING • Benefits of Email Marketing • How does email marketing work • What is mail chimp? • Mail chimp profile creation • Landing page creation • Social media integration • Data collection techniques • How to make data form • Grouping and custom email sending • Email automation • How to create email templates • Custom email designs and templates • How to provide email marketing services • Content planning strategies • Copywriting techniques • Event Invitation • B2B marketing strategies • Mailchimp Analytics • Plan for a Growing email list • lead generation and sales cycle Analysis • New Product – Content Announcement • Email Masking technique • Subject selection technique • Competitive email approach • Form submission kickback note • Copyright-free content • Email videos embedding • How to track conversions • Third-party email providers • Email campaigns • How to promote a landing page • Perfect time management strategies • Organize by Department • Raw data management • Backups and synchronization Facebook Shop • Facebook Business Manager • Facebook Catalogue • Community sharing • Hype Creation • Product Research • Monetization • Facebook Dropshipping • Facebook Print on demand • Automation & Integrations • Bot messages • Carousel post • Facebook catalog ads Youtube E-Commerce • Youtube product video creation • Monetization • Youtube catalog sales • Product Voice over and editing • Promotional Animations • Sales conversion technique • Youtube SEO optimized videos Content Management Strategies • Who you're creating it for • Content Calendar • Professional Content planning strategies • The problem it's going to solve for that audience • How it will be unique • The formats you'll focus on SETTING UP YOUR GOALS • What are your goals? • Setting up goals • Goal parameters TRACKING CONVERSION RATES E-COMMERCE) • What are conversion rates? • Tracking who sends you sales • Impressions vs Visits vs Real Customers Secure pages TRACKING REVENUE AND ANALYTICS • Linking Analytics and Adwords • ROI and PPC • Linking Adsense and Analytics BUILDING REPORTS • Creating custom reports • SUPER BLOGGING • What is Blogging? • What is super Blogging? • Purpose and Advantages of Blogging? • How to make my own Professional Blog? CMS Development (it's too easy) • How to make money Blogging? • Start Creating Useful Content • Build engagement with the readers that corn There are Many Ways to Make Money Blogging Advertising Income • Affiliate Advertising Income • Services Instagram for Ecommerce • Instagram monetization • Instagram Selling strategies • Instagram Ecommerce policies • Product listing for Instagram • Instagram Product Hunting Strategies E-Commerce INTRODUCTION • History of Business • Types of Businesses • New Business Trends • The era of the Online Market • What is e-commerce? • Future of e-commerce • Market Trends • Billion Dollar Companies • Case Studies • Digital Mindset • Online Market Goals and Objectives E-Commerce Business Plan • Types of Online Stores • Idea Generation • How to Create Online Business Plan • Sales Strategy • Exercise Dropshipping • What is Drop Shipping? • Why should you dropship • Benefits of Drop Shipping • How to start a dropshipping business? • What is Benchmarking? • Types of Dropshipping • What is Private Label Selling? • Major Dropshipping Stores • Case Studies • Exercise Product Hunting • Introduction • why is product hunting important? • Product Selection Criteria • Risk analysis chart • How to use Commerce inspector • How to use pixel helper • Ali Express (SBE) tool • what is a similar web • Turbo ad finder benefits • Social Proof report • Niche Scrapper • Product validation report • Website validation report • Supplier Selection Criteria • Google Lens • Case Study • Exercise Product Development • Video selection criteria • Product Photography • Product SEO Shopify • Introduction • How to start a Shopify store? • How to set sales channels • Expense management report • How to generate order creation • How to initiate Discount Codes • How to make professional reports? • How to manage to ship • How to integrate Shopify with Oberlo? • How to automate inventory management • what is e-packet delivery? • How to automate Shopify? Daraz • Introduction • Account Creation • Seller account policies • Approved Countries • Product Hunting extensions • Daraz Drop Shipping Souq • Introduction • Account Creation • Seller account policies • Approved Countries • Product Hunting extensions Alibaba (B2B) • Alibaba account creation • Product Hunting Strategies • Alibaba product listing • Supplier Hunting Strategies • Supplier selection • Logistics partner selection • Negotiation Strategies • Alibaba tools and extensions • Shipping Strategies • Policies Aliexpress • Account Creation • Product Listing • Product hunting on Aliexpress • Aliexpress Dropshipping • Aliexpress wholesale strategy Lazada • Introduction • Account Creation • Seller account policies • Approved Countries • Product Hunting extensions GOOGLE ANALYTICS OR OTHER TOOLS • INTRODUCTION OF GOOGLE ANALYTICS • Is Analysis Worth the Effort? • Small Businesses • Medium and Large Scale Businesses WHAT IS GOOGLE ANALYTICS • A Brief History of Analytics • Why Use Analytics? • What's New in Analytics Google? The Basic Interface FILTERING DATA • What does filtering do? Why use it? • How to apply filters Facebook Shop • Facebook Business Manager • Facebook Catalogue • Community sharing • Hype Creation • Product Research • Monetization • Facebook Dropshipping • Facebook Print on demand • Automation & Integrations • Bot messages • Carousel post • Facebook catalog ads E-Commerce SMS Marketing • SMS strategies for sales • Consumer database management • abandoned cart messages • Copywriting skills • Data management • Group sms techniques • Scheduled sms • Broadcasting • Data collection technique Youtube E-Commerce • Youtube product video creation • Monetization • Youtube catalog sales • Product Voice over and editing • Promotional Animations • Sales conversion technique • Youtube SEO-optimized videos Content Management Strategies • Content Calendar • Professional Content planning strategies VIRTUAL ASSISTANT • Amazon VA • Types of Virtual assistant services • Client management techniques • Content Calendar • Report writing and presentation • Effective communication strategies • Drop servicing • Payment Policies • International work ethics • How to acquire paid extensions • Resource management strategy • Complete Product Planning Cycle • HuntingàSourcingàListingàRanking • Client communication techniques • Payment integrations • How to acquire new clients • Online project management strategies Etsy • Introduction & account creation • Product selection technique • Manufacturing & outsourcing techniques • How to acquire handmade items Audio Visual Product Designing • Canva for Product Designing • Adobe Photoshop for Branding • Royalty-free content research • Effective branding strategy • Designing promotional campaigns Shopify (cont) • Shopify UI • Orders & Collections • Category Tagging • Navigation • Link your store with FB and Insta • Oberlo import list settings • Niche Scrapper • Ali hunter • How to use Myip.ms? • How to use ecomvideocreator Amazon • Introduction • FBA vs FBM • Amazon Wholesale • Amazon FBA • Amazon Dropshipping • Account Creation • Amazon seller account policies • Approved Countries • Product Hunting • Category Management • What is jungle scout? • What is helium? • Product Listing • What is Product ASIN? • Product Packaging • Product Delivery • Product Ranking Strategies • Customer Retention Strategies • Amazon affiliate marketing E-bay • Introduction • eBay Retail Arbitrage • eBay Wholesale • eBay Dropshipping • Account Creation • Seller account policies • Sell on eBay from Pakistan • Product Hunting extensions • eBay Product calculator
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